The “Humans of Lebanon” Project

Lady Watching From the "Humans of Lebanon" Page
‘Lady Watching’ From the “Humans of Lebanon” Page

By Joey Ayoub

Humans of Lebanon was started as a sort of unofficial sequel to Humans of Beirut. What we do is simple: we post photographs, amateur and professional alike, of human beings in Lebanon.

Anyone can participate. If you feel you have something important to share, please send us your photograph(s) to

We don’t want to have many rules but just know that what we’re hoping to achieve is to capture Lebanon in all its beauty and diversity by showing its citizens or inhabitants (whether temporary or permanent). The best example we can give is this beautiful photograph from Humans of India:

So if you have a shot of a Falafel seller in Bourj Hammoud,

or a Filipino worker on her Sunday break in Hamra,

or an old couple on their balcony in Beit Merry,

or a man walking his dog in Dbayeh,

or a fisherman fishing off the coast of Tripoli,

or a young couple walking in Raouche,

or a ski-fanatic getting back from his daily routine in Faraya,

or a farmer working in the Bekaa valley

or anyone doing anything anywhere in Lebanon

send it to 🙂

Have your photograph sent with a short story behind it to share.

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