Outbox International Film Festival 2012

By Joey Ayoub

This is the program for the 2012 Outbox International Film Festival. It starts on the 14th of June and ends on the 17th  every day at 8pm. Entrance is free. Location: Roman Baths, Downtown Beirut.

I’m hoping to attend to as many dates as possible which will be followed by my pics of the day and a short review. Just like I did for The Cabriolet Film Festival (See Here).

Anyway, here is the program:



8:00 pm: Opening Party

9:00 pm: International Competition:

The Padlock – Ettore Nicoletti – Fiction Italy – 3 min

Cockatoo – Matthew Jenkin – Fiction Australia 11’14

Memory – Victor Suner – Fiction Spain 7’55

Modern Communication – Franck Isabel – Fiction France 6’52

B.I.S.  – Dairo Cervantes – Fiction Colombia 4’


9.35 p.m. International Animation Competition:

Chick – Michal Sosha – Fiction Poland 5’

You Shall Not Leave The Way – Veronika Szemlova – Fiction Czech Republic 7’16

Overcast – Velislav Kazakov – Fiction Canada 9’25

Nullarbor – Alister Lockhart and Patrick Sarell – Fiction Australia 10’18


10.10 p.m. Lebanese Competition:

Roland – Bernard Dib and Teddy Tawil – Fiction Lebanon 4’42

His Name Is A Long Story  – Christelle Whaibe – Fiction Lebanon 13’30    (Seen this one at the Cabriolet Film Festival. Hilarious.)

What If  – Alain Nasnas – Fiction Lebanon 18’23

Sunny Boy Nonchalant – Damoun Ghaoui – Experimental Lebanon 5’


DAY 2:


8.30 p.m. International Competition:


3 x 3 – Nuno Rocha – Fiction Portugal 6’

Tom Thumb  – Cristianio Anania – Fiction Italy 8’

Mijo –  Chithra Jerayam – Documentary USA 9’33

Cook Book  – Martin Briggs-Watson and Andrew William Robb – Fiction UK 6’25

Fatum!  – Pablo Millan – Experimental Spain 5’45


9.40 p.m. International Animation Competition:

The Kinematograph – Tomek Baginski – Fiction Poland 12’10

Dove Sei, Amore Mio  – Veljko Popovic – Fiction Croatia 10’30

Albert – Csaba Bardos – Fiction Hungary 5’55

Grandma – Joey Agbayani – Fiction Philippines 7’

Zergüt – Natasha Subramanian and Alisa Lapidus – Experimental USA 5’45


10.25 p.m. Lebanese Competition:

Labyrinth – Martine Daher – Fiction Lebanon 19’10

Ovisophobia – Hosni Auji – Fiction Lebanon-Czech Republic 9’

Playgrounds – Zein El Cheikh – Documentary Lebanon 12’

Reign of Saturn – Cyril Nehme – Experimental Lebanon 6’



DAY 3:

8.30 p.m. Special screening of German short films, in collaboration with Goethe Institute, Beirut.

“This selection has been screened within the scope of the 34th International Short Film Festival Clermont-Ferrand, France, on 30 January 2012, under the title: “Soirée Allemande- A Crush on German Short Films”.

Symphony of Fools – Volker Heymann – Fiction Germany 5’

The Centrifuge Brain Project – Till Nowak – Fiction Germany 7’

Paulina – Lynn Kossler – Fiction Germany 24’

The Flies (The Birds II)  – Susann Maria Hempel – Experimental Germany 7’

Centrifugal Force  – Marie Elisa Scheidt and Alexandra Wesolowski – Documentary Germany 17’

The House  – David Buob – Animation Germany 7’

Armadingen – Philipp Käßbohrer – Fiction Germany 23’

How To Raise The Moon  – Anja Struck – Animation-Experimental Germany-Denmark 9’


DAY 4:

8.30 p.m. A tribute to Charlie Chaplin
A 25 minute concert will be held in tribute to the incredible director, actor and music composer Charlie Chaplin. A selection of songs and compositions from his films such as Smile, Beautiful Wonderful Eyes, and Peace Patrol will be covered by the band in a non-classical formation; the songs are rearranged by Scarlett Saad and Alain Aoun who will be playing the piano and double bass respectively. In addition, Jessy Bou Malhab will be playing the violin, Viviane El Kadi the cello, and Mario Chikhani the Drums. The performance is directed by Adon Khoury.
9 p.m. The winning directors will be announced followed by distribution of the awards and trophies.
The winning directors will receive free scriptwriting consultancy for a feature film from the award-winning writing team at Cinephilia Productions, Los Angeles/New York. Cinephilia Productions is also granting winners financial and fundraising consultancy for their films, and the possibility for co-production.

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