Tomorrow We Will See

“Tomorrow We Will See” (“Bukra Minshouf”) offers a window into Lebanon’s flourishing creative culture through the perspective of ten Lebanese artists. A rock band’s thought-provoking lyrics, a poet’s description of time shrinking, an architect’s experimental manipulation of space, and a painter’s reflections on his choice of colors, reveal the process by which the featured artists transform ideas, sketches, and spaces into vibrant and dynamic works of art. A common trait that unites the artists is their talent of using art as a tool for transcending sectarian divisions and encouraging freedom of thought. Through their own artistic expressions, they have overcome decades of social and political instability and the uncertainties of what tomorrow may bring.

These are the words used by Street Witness Productions to describe their documentary “Tomorrow we will see” on their YouTube channel. The movie, directed by Japanese-Lebanese Soraya Umewaka, features the following artists:

  • Novelist Alawiya Sobh, author of Maryam al Hayaka, Dunya and It’s Called Love
  • Painter Chucrallah Fattouh whose exhibitions were featured in the USA, in the Middle East and in Europe
  • Illustrator Maya Fidawi, author of the Zein Series
  • Mashroo’ Leila frontman Hamed Sinno
  • Architect Sari El Khazen, designer of SkyBar
  • Architect Bernard Khoury, designer of BO18
  • Poet and Journalist Abbas Beydoun author of Hujurat, Li Mareedin Huwa al-Amal, Tahlil damm, and Ashiqa’a Nadamuna and is the cultural editor of Al Safir
  • Choreographer Alissar Caracalla, leader of the Caracalla Dance Company
  • Architect, Sculptor and Painter Nadim Karam, whose exhibitions were also featured in the USA, in the Middle East and in Europe
  • Drama Therapist Lamia Abi Azar, members of Zoukak Theater Company and Cultural Association

I will review the movie as soon as it comes out in cinemas or on DVD.

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