HFT Newsletter #1

Welcome to the first newsletter of Hummus For Thought, a monthly collection of thoughts and recommendations.


The Interviews

Starting over the next few months I will be conducting a number of bilingual interviews on Lebanon with people that I admire who live in Lebanon or who have left Lebanon. Since 1990 Lebanon has been experiencing what is misleadingly called a postwar period. The warlords that built their status and their capital (financial, symbolic, […]

kafala and racism

What it means to be black and African in Lebanon

Raw stories from 21 black African students at the American University of Beirut


The People Without Cinema, by Abounaddara

“They can only testify to the events they experience by exhibiting the indignity inflicted upon them”

archives 2019 protests

Open letter to protesters in Hong Kong’s prisons

We heard of efforts to send you Christmas cards and decided to take this opportunity to send you this short letter of support and solidarity.